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Hi, I'm Sarah

Hi there. I’m Sarah. I’m a developer at Mess, a dev & design agency in Chicago, IL.

I love coding, design, and building things with empathetic teams.

My Projects

Image of Run A Better Set Animation project

Run A Better Set Animation

Component that animates on scroll using CSS & Javascript.

Image of The Bechdel Test project

The Bechdel Test

A web app made with SvelteKit that displays whether or not films pass the Bechdel Test. This was done as a personal project to learn more about SvelteKit and data visualization.

Image of Patient-Centered Dental Home Project project

Patient-Centered Dental Home Project

A web app made with Sveltekit and Python displaying the patient-centered dental home model of care. This is used by dental researchers at the Public Policy Center.

About me

I'm Sarah, a full stack developer based in Chicago, IL. I spend my time at Mess building sites for a range of clients using Wordpress, BuilderIO, Javascript, Vue, PHP and a range of other languages, frameworks and content management systems.

Before that, I was able to combine my skills in civics and tech to work at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center. There, I developed data processing scripts using PostgreSQL and Python, developed the University of Iowa Public Policy Center website using Drupal, PHP and JavaScript and worked on various projects with researchers using JavaScript frameworks such as SvelteKit.

When I'm not obsessively coding, I play guitar, bake, and explore Chicago.